Donate to the Cancer Council

I am proud to announce the establishment of the Geoff Matches Memorial Research Award! A massive THANK YOU to all those who gave so generously.

The money raised is being used by Dr Nicole Haynes from the University of Melbourne, who is researching the prevention and treatment of melanoma and breast cancer in all age groups.

It’s a fabulous result, and I’m very proud that we have been able to contribute so significantly to such a worthy cause.

The Geoff Matches Memorial Research Award

The Geoff Matches Memorial Research Award

Donate to the Cancer Council



  1. Hi, great website I did not know anything about touring in cycles but often wondered what it would be like. Great to see a website that can help dreams of touring come to reality. keep up the good work

  2. Hi, Jane, I just arrived today in Dali. I was expecting to have a few beers with you before you start your great expedition…
    Well, anyway, we will celebrate it tonight here in Jade Emu !
    See you ! 金平 Jp

  3. Hi Jane, great story so far, what an amazing experience. We are caravanning and are

    At the same spot as your mum and dad, who gave me your email adress. I will certainly follow you from now on. Enjoy your time in N.T. with your parents. We have just come from Darwin as our daughter lives there with husband and four children, so we end up there every year. Keep on being Amazing Aunty, the kids willnlove it! Keep safe
    Raelene Rosenthal, South Australia. Xxxx

  4. Hi Jane,
    We met your mother south of Alice Springs and she was telling us all about your trip, we where amazed at what you are doing, what an adventure you are having with so many things happening you will remember them for ever, stay safe and all the best,

    sheree & Bryan Cocks Adelaide

  5. Hi Jane, Yes we met your mum south of Alice on the side of the road and told us all about your trip, what a fantastic trip and the memories you will have for ever, you must be in Australia now or soon so stay safe and well done,

    Sheree & Bryan Cocks

  6. I love reading your tales Jane. Though they fill me with envy and frustration that I am stuck in London, England for a while (being boring for a couple of years whilst I sort out my finances).

    So your amazing journey provides much needed inspiration and positivity. Slow down though, or you’ll arrive at the end and have to turn around and go back to lovely Dali.


  7. Great to meet you and your Dad Jane, and to hear about your adventure thus far. We pray that you stay safe and that there are many, many more cycle tours ahead of you. Kindest Regards Greg & Wendy.

  8. Good work Jane my two children and me met you between Home Hill and Ayr we were real impressed my 2 talked about it for two days what a brave lady you are we need more people like you have faith you will achieve your goal safe cycling from down under friends

  9. Hi Jane
    We meet you today at the rest stop near Raymond Terrace. Congratulations on your epic journey. We were already impressed when we misread Beijing as brisbane on your number plate!!! China to Oz is a great achievement and for such a worthy cause.

    We enjoyed meeting Tarquin and Patsy and we hope a cuddle from baby Robin has supplied you some good mental energy for when you battle the head winds and hills today!

    Best wishes from meredith, matt, poppy, millie and robin

  10. Hi Jane
    A real pleasure to meet up with you at Windang Tourist Park. Thanks for the interesting chats around the BBQ over the past 2 nights. Hope the rest of your journey is enjoyable and successful. Keep up the good work for a worthwhile cause!
    Bruce and Heather

  11. Hi Jane,

    We met you at the Cann River Caravan Park where you were enjoying a ‘rest day’. Mum and I were thinking of you and your epic journey all the way to Melbourne. We hope your remaining journey goes without hitch and that you are welcomed in Melbourne by a host of well-wishers and supporters. You have achieved a marvellous goal and you are an inspiration to all. Well done. Hope to see you when you arrive in Melbourne!!

    Regards and best wishes, Carole, Rene and Kahli (the german shepherd).

  12. Congratulations Jane on completing your journey! Hope you had a good crowd at fed square, sorry we didn’t make it Jane and Andrew (cann river) .

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