Saying “Thank You”

The people listed on this page have made my life better, in some big or small way. So a warm THANK YOU! to you, whomever you are.

20 June 2012 – Dad, for sending me a parcel filled with scrummy snacks for training, and for looking after everything for me back in Australia. You’re the best Poppy!

25 June 2012 – the driver who slowed down so as not to splash an already soaked cyclist with more dirty water from the over-flowing drain

29 June 2012 – Dr Carlos, for reinvigorating my Qi by sticking me with hundreds of small needles and eplaining that pain is an important part of the process with a big smile. More energy than I’ve had in ages. Cheers.

30 June 2012 – the series of Chinese road users that confirmed that hand-signals by cyclists are completely useless in this country. Thanks for not killing me in the process. Lesson learnt!

5 July 2012 – to Colin, Du and Luxi for helping me work out how to get all my stuff transported to the right places… confusion reigned before your generous assistance overcame the monumental obstacles.

19 July 2012 – to all my¬†friends in Dali for a great send off and for letting me win the pool comp on my last night, you guys rock. You don’t get thanks for the hangover.

20 July 2012 – a big, big, big thank you to Marc and Rainbow for waking me from my alcohol-induced coma and getting me into a cab so I didn’t miss my flight. The cup of tea was a life-saver.


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