Intrepid Cyclist

“Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race.”
~ H.G. Wells

Jane is our very own ‘Intrepid Cyclist’. She will be riding her custom touring bike from Beijing to Melbourne, commencing in August 2012. While she is riding, shel’ll be raising funds for Melanoma research. All donations are tax-deductible for Australian residents, please read more on how to donate to this worthy cause.

Please visit these pages to find out more about Jane’s progress:

The Intrepid Cyclist Blog    The Route    Gear Review


Intrepid Cyclist — 7 Comments

  1. Jane – you are so inspiring! It makes me happy to know that you are out there having the time of your life. I look forward to all your blog posts! Hope you continue to have a great adventure and stay safe. Miss you lots! (Can’t believe it’s been like 6 years.) Love, Julian

  2. Hello Jane
    Thought I had to write a few lines as recently (maybe yesterday) you met my sons, Mark and Craig, on Koh Tao. For ages (probably years) they have been most enthusiastic about taking on a bicycle (or motorbike) ‘expedition’. You have definitely added even more to their enthusiasm and it seems you are a focused and determined person as they said you have broken your hand but still on track! And raising funds and awareness, amazing.
    Kind regards Linda Nykamp

  3. Jane, I flew my small Cessna from Geelong to UK and return solo in 2001 raising funds for children suffering with cerebral palsy (Lions Int. project)I raised $100,000. I appreciate exactly how hard your endeavour is. One day at a time love, best regards, Orm.

    • Thanks for your words of encouragement, Orm. It sounds like you had an amazing adventure too. I can’t imagine how difficult it was to arrange to fly a plane through all those countries. I look forward to reading your website.

      Thanks again!

  4. Very inspiring. We spoke to you on the CB radio on our way home from Alice Springs back to Melbourne. Keep up the great work, what an inspiration.
    Kerryn and Les

    • Hi Kerryn and Les
      Great to hear from you! Thanks for checking out the website. I’ll be rolling into Melbourne early next year and would love to see you at the “finishing line” if you are up for it. It’s still in the planning phase, but it will be at Fed Sq some time in March. I’ll keep you in the loop of you are interested.


  5. An amazing journey completed by an even more amazing lady ! I hope to be at the finish to congratulate you . Superb effort.

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